East Meets West

Open Invitation

On the occasion of the Prague Pride week, active participants from 15 East European countries will gather in Prague for the first "East Meets West" International Event on 14th of August, 9.00-13.00, in the Prague Hilton Hotel.

It would be great to welcome on the event a strong delegation from ‘the West’ as you can be for Eastern Europe a great source of inspiration. Would you like to join?

The concept
In the part of Europe that we (used to) call the ‘West’, the LGBT movement achieved a lot in recent years, just think about gay marriage and the adoption of children. In the ‘East’, the situation is a little different. Some countries are quite far with the LGBT agenda but others are still missing any form of LGBT acceptance. At last year’s Prague Gay Pride Week’s Business Forum Ludo and Pavel, good friends and both professionally active in the East part of Europe, decided to set up a network of local LGBT activists and bring them together on an ‘East Meets West’ event with their counterparts from the West, to share experiences, best practices and especially to inspire each other and increase the mutual understanding; all related to Diversity on the workplace, the main topic of the Prague Business Forum.

The event is supported by EGMA (The European Gay and Lesbian Managers Association), AGPro (The Austrian Gay Professionals) and Allround Team.

The kick-off "get-to-know" party of "East Meets West" takes place on Wednesday 13 August at 22.00, in the Prague Hilton Hotel.

For more details visit:

Friday, January 23, 2009

Network: Schweizer Diversity-Charta für Vielfalt in Unternehmen

NETWORK, von Anfang an mit dabei. Drei der Genfer Mitglieder und Interessenten sind im Vorstand des Vereins für eine «Schweizer Charta für Vielfalt in Unternehmen».

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lauréat du prix culturel NETWORK: «In Love With Beauty»

Mélangeant érotisme et humour, classicisme et style décoratif, mise en scène et spontanéité, Walter Pfeiffer est sorti peu à peu de l’anonymat sur le plan international ces dernières années.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

NETWORK-Kulturpreisttäger: «In Love With Beauty»

Walter Pfeiffers einzigartige Mischung von Erotik und Witz, klassischem Ebenmass und ornamentaler Verspieltheit, Künstlichkeit und Unmittelbarkeit fand in den letzten Jahren zusehends internationale Beachtung.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Völkinger Kreis: Schwule Führungskräfte begrüßen Gleichstellung bei der betrieblichen Hinterbliebenenrente

Der Völklinger Kreis begrüßt die Entscheidung des Bundesarbeitsgerichts, dass hinterbliebene Lebenspartner wie Ehegatten einen Anspruch auf Hinterbliebenenrente bei der betrieblichen Altersversorgung haben.

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