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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

egma Press Release: Tiziano Ferro's book published today

The European Gay and Lesbian Managers Association (egma), an international umbrella organization for European LGBT* entrepreneurs, professionals and managers associations, applauds the publication of the book by Tiziano Ferro, Trent'anni e una chiacchierata con papà (Thirty years and a chat with Dad), the autobiography of the singer who tells the story of his life from age 15 to 30 and, among other things, what led to his “coming out” as a gay man.

“In general, we consider a person’s coming out to be an important private event in the life of a gay man or lesbian woman, one which is certainly necessary but which has to be faced and addressed in one’s own time – says Angelo Caltagirone, President of egma. We can therefore only express great pride and admiration for any public figure, like Tiziano Ferro, who makes this responsible and complex decision, which is never an easy one under ordinary circumstances. The example of artists, professionals, entrepreneurs and company managers who come out should be highlighted and supported because it plays a very important role in the cultural transmission of the ideas of diversity and inclusion. As already emphasized at the presentation of the International Business Equality Index in July in Milan, where major companies in Europe actively managed diversity within their own ranks – Caltagirone explains – egma is active at the European level in introducing and defending the concepts of inclusion and diversity. These are concepts that have a direct and positive impact on the evolution of various elements of society which need to grow and develop each day, precisely through the responsible actions of the individuals that comprise them.”

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